Setting up of New Business

Businesses entering a new market or developing a new product or service must consider a wide range of complex factors. Not least of these are the economic assumptions underpinning a strategy. A complex range of economic factors needs to be analyzed before the launch of a new business venture. Competitors and customers, sources of revenue, and the likely position of the competition authorities are just some of the most prominent considerations.

We support start-up ventures at all stages of the business cycle — from identifying appropriate entry routes to assisting in deal structuring and providing post-set-up services. AKG’s services to support business planning combine advanced technical resources with commercial awareness based on in-depth direct experience of specific industry sectors. Our specialists, whilst offering leading-edge economic skills, also understand the commercial imperatives that drive business success. We also assist in processing various government clearances/approvals and registrations for our clients setting up new businesses as well as existing businesses.



A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.


If you have been selected for a business audit, here is what you need to know.


Restructuring your company could restore its viability and improve its liquidity position.


Marketing Research

Research helps you plan the best way to get your product from the manufacturer to the retail shelf. In addition to deciding which retailers should carry your product, you should determine where your inventory will be held.

Listen to your team

Go to your team, and tell them you want to make a fresh start. Tell them you want them to enjoy their jobs more and get more done.

Analyze the Problem

In this problem solving step, you will want to figure out what caused the problem, what the problem looks like at this moment, and the urgency of addressing the problem.