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Company law

From the incorporation of a new company or branch, the ongoing compliance with local legislation requirements, to the restructuring of your businesses, the AKG Legal services network is in a unique position to assist clients in ensuring the good standing of all of their legal entities in accordance with local legislation. We are also perfectly placed to assist clients with the legal implementation of their tax planning needs and work with them to find the best solutions for their businesses. We have been handling Company Law Matters of large number of Limited and private limited companies regularly and providing services to many Bank Branches for Registration of Charges with ROC and conducting searches on ROC records of various perspective or existing borrowers of Bank Branches

We provide the following services in this field:

⦁ Incorporation of New Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships
⦁ Preparation and Filling of Statutory Form/ Returns
⦁ Maintenance of Statutory Record (e.g. Minutes of Meeting, Register of Shareholders, Register of Members, etc.).
⦁ Compliance Certificates
⦁ Documentation regarding Creation and Satisfaction of Charges
⦁ Advisory on Company Law matters including appearance before the Company Law Board, Filing Petitions, and Drafting of Shareholders’ Agreements etc.
⦁ Advisory on Winding-up procedures including striking off the Name of a Company.

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