Barbados is among the world’s most romantic destinations. With stunning landscapes, amazing cuisine and warm, friendly people — there’s something for everyone within this beautiful tropical isle.

Whether you need to enjoy a candlelight dinner time by the water, swim with sea turtles or perhaps experience one of the Caribbean’s most well-known festivals – there’s a great range of stuff to perform in Barbados for lovers. The islands’ white soft sand beaches, tropical palm bespoked places, sweet and spicy débauche and relaxed translucent lakes and rivers are the best backdrop on your next affectionate getaway.

Romantic Dining & Ingesting

Sit at a tasteful open-air restaurant with a view of your turquoise Carribbean, where you can drink an umbrella-topped cocktail and dine upon local favs like fresh new sea food and a multitude of00 international wine beverages. The farm-to-table approach to the menu ensures every single dish is as delicious as possible, and alluring oil lanterns and an enjoyable sunset put towards the atmosphere.

Rum Time

Pubs around the tropical isle serve half-gallon jugs of impact, so you may plenty to share with your beloved. For a real taste of the neighborhood tradition, take a travel of Build Gay’s rum distillery where you can witness how this legendary spirit can be produced and distilled applying traditional strategies.

Private Beaches

The seashores of Barbados are without any doubt some of the most pristine on the island. Pack a have a picnic basket along with your partner and spend a few hours soaking up direct sunlight on some of the many beautiful beaches.

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