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Every society needs great Scientists, but great business leaders and entrepreneurs are influential. Hence Commerce students should be encouraged to forge ahead with or without Maths since their earning potential can compete favourably with those in other subjects. Apart from the jobs mentioned above, other job sectors and roles open up before you if you choose a Commerce degree. The average annual salary of a Cost Accountant comes to around INR 4,00,000. A thorough knowledge of Marketing, communication skills, and reporting and documenting abilities are a must to be a successful Marketing Manager. The average annual salary of a CPA ranges from INR 7,00,000 to INR 9,00,000.

Strengthening the weak areas is the only way to pass the CPA exam. Commerce is an exciting subject that holds significant promise for career prospects. Hence, parents’ preference for Science courses due to the alleged narrow scope of Commerce is misplaced.

  • Knowledge about new tools for Accounting systems, tax laws, accounting and reporting procedures, and organisational and leadership skills are required to become a successful CPA.
  • CPA charters, how to prepare for the two exams, and how obtaining either one might affect your career.
  • The FRM certification enables individuals to grasp the analytical acumen required to manage risk in the global financial markets.
  • On the other hand, the CFA current passing data shows that the pass rates reaching from 49% to 56% .
  • In accounting and finance, CPAs are in high demand, as they are considered experts in accounting, taxation, and auditing, which are critical areas for businesses.

Both CFA and ACCA are well-known certification courses in the financial sector. It has been observed that only 10% of candidates who enroll in the CFA course successfully complete it. Such certification courses help a person to grow professionally by giving them an edge over the other regular courses.

Do I need CFA if I have a CPA?

The exam is administered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals . The FRM certification enables individuals to grasp the analytical acumen required to manage risk in the global financial markets. There is a huge requirement for people with the knowledge of risk management given the ongoing implementation of Basel norms across all the banks globally. CFA holders and CPAs both deal with financial data, interact with clients, and assess the feasibility of various enterprises and organizations, but the results vary depending on which degree you have. CFAs emphasize analyzing market conditions, assessing businesses, and determining the optimal investment strategy for businesses or individual clients.

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The CPA is the toughest certification course that majorly focuses on the different aspects of accounts. Candidates will be trained for both national and international companies that hired an accountant for their organizations. After obtaining a professional designation, a CPA can easily find the best place to work anywhere in the world. Now that you’ve conquered this first milestone, you may be wondering if it could allow you to in your profession.

A US CPA License ensures that the candidate has expertise and credibility in the field of Accountancy. Getting the US CPA certification paves numerous career opportunities and creates a roadway to a rewarding career in Accounting and Finance. To sit for the CFA exam, candidates must complete their Bachelor or equivalent programme with any stream from any recognized university.

The average annual salary of a Chartered Accountant ranges from INR 6,00,000 to INR 7,00,000. The average annual salary of a CFA comes to around INR 12,00,000. Statistical, communicational and analytical skills, decision-making capabilities, and knowledge of different analysis technologies are the skills required to be a successful CFA. The average annual salary of an Actuary comes from INR 10,00,000 to INR 14,00,000. The average annual salary of an Investment Banker ranges from INR 9,00,000 to INR 26,00,000. The average annual salary of a CFO ranges from INR 8,00,000 to INR 40,00,000.

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The applicant must complete all 3 levels of the CFA program to fulfill the enrolment criteria. The difference between the two lies in the career prospects that both certifications have. The CFA is designed for professionals who want to develop specialized skills in equity research and financial analysis.

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ACCA – The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, based in the United Kingdom, is the professional body behind the ACCA exam. It operates as a single entity with a much simpler application process. International candidates generally consider the certification as a global brand for financial professionals. IFRS is the most widely used accounting standard, allowing ACCA members to cater to international clients. Unlike ACCA, US CPAs tend to lean more toward financial accounting. CPAs commonly work as financial analysts, public accountants, forensic accountants, and internal auditors.

In the case of the CMA USA exam, the overall fee is different for students and working professionals. For the CMA USA exam, candidates need to pay the IMA Membership fee, Entrance fee, and Exam fee. Moreover, they must pay $135 and $260 (working professionals to maintain the IMA membership.


As a working professional, preparing for the Certified Public Accountant exam can be a challenging task. Balancing the demands of studying for a rigorous exam and managing a full-time… They may calculate taxes owed or evaluate business processes to find cost-cutting opportunities. CPAs are also expected to ensure applicable financial regulations. People without a background in commerce might assume that financial management is a tedious profession comprising unending balance sheets and constant discussion of money. The Chartered Financial Analyst designation should be considered if you’re seeking a low-cost certification that will give you widespread recognition and a thorough understanding of finance.

In addition to their comprehensive cpa and cfa, they also offer bundle discounts making it a cost-effective experience. In the finance and accountancy field, the CPA vs CFA debate has been raging for some time now. If someone wants to work in the finance field of accounting, the CPA is a superior certificate.

The CFA is one of the most desirable designations for investment professionals who aspire to become financial analyst, research analyst etc. The CFA full form is Chartered Financial Analyst; a complete professional course that is offered by the CFA institute and have worldwide importance. The CFA is designed for those who want to attain a professional credential in financial Management and Investment. During the course period, candidates are introduced with a strong groundwork of advanced investment analysis knowledge along with real-world portfolio management skills.

CFA: An Investment Banking Career Path assume that passing cfa l1 is going to help them get their foot in the door on the buy side after they’re coming from IT or one thing. At finest it tells the employer you don’t should do quite as a lot training and that you simply’ve obtained some motivation to study on your own. But are they actually that impressed that you just passed the take a look at itself? Sure, they’ll acknowledge that its robust, but a complete lot more people could cross that thing in the event that they put within the needed hours. I’d guess that a lot of people get into it and begin to really feel lazy, or overconfident, or they’re just too busy to devote the time.

The job market spreads far and wide, and the career scope is likely to be better if you study abroad. The cpa also carries, to a level, the continuing schooling requirement, however the work expertise is far more valuation. So if i have been you, i’d first resolve how much i really need this training, considering you’re already in the industry in a technique or another. Then, if you decide you need the training, i’d pick the direction that offers essentially the most bang for the buck. I’d choose the mba for a number of causes, esp if you can get into a high school. Also, b/c the mba is broad, you get to grasp more of a enterprise from a holistic viewpoint, somewhat than just beginning with the numbers.

Is CFA higher than CPA?

The CFA is the ideal degree to pursue if you want to specialize in investments and become an expert in that field. On the other hand, CPA may be a good fit if audit and tax are your main areas of interest. Level 1 and Level 2 exams are MCQ based questions whereas Level 3 exam is essay type based questions. Candidates must have a passport in order to appear for the CFA program exams. The candidate needs 75 points or more to pass the examination and become a US Certified Public Accountant. Once they get the result of the first exam, they have to clear the remaining parts of the examination within 18 months.


Examinations play a vital role in the CPA vs CFA discussion as the complexity will determine the preparation and, subsequently, the results. CMA certification does not focus on financial analysis as much as it focuses on companies’ accounting and financial management. On the other hand, CFA is the perfect credential that can make you eligible to become a financial analyst.

CPA is not a valid certification in India, as the title and the certification process are specific to the United States. In India, the equivalent certification is the Chartered Accountant designation, which is offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. In order to practice as an accountant in India, an individual must hold a CA certification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. On the other hand, to become a CFA charter holder, you need a bachelor’s degree and four years of relevant work experience.

If students are interested in financial formulas, they should choose CFA. However, students who are interested in taxation, auditing, or other related fields must apply for CA. Both programs would offer students excellent professional options. For discussions about CPA vs CFA, there are other considerations. This gives the impression that the examinations are roughly similar in complexity. But, the success percentages for the 2020 CFA test are relatively strong.


There is a course called PGP IBCM which is focussed on practical applications of the entire CFA® Program curriculum and thereby promotes the holistic development of a candidate. The decision to require up either CPA or CFA credential depends on choosing the direction you would like to offer your career. In all, we could say that every one among them is exclusive and focused on areas of accounting and investments, respectively. Contact us for more assistance on making an informed choice for your career. If you are looking for more information on the comparison between CFA, CA, and ACCA, check out this blog article on the topic for a more in-depth analysis and comparison of these certifications.

Certified CFAs are eligible to work in monetary management, investment, portfolio management, asset management, risk management, research analysis, or hedge funds. Being on the verge of higher secondary and choosing a profession among the given fields seems difficult. The common issue regarding the difference between CFA and CPA is inevitable. Both professionals are reputed ones and offer a great post to the candidate. After learning about all the necessary things regarding CFA and CPA, you can ensure that both professions are excellent, but each one has its own set of pros and cons.

The cost of a CPA license and a CFA charter in terms of exam fees is sort of comparable. On the other hand, each level of the CFA exam’s cost lies in between $700 to $1,000 . Further, you need to pay a one-time registration fee of $450, which means that the CFA program’s overall cost lies in the range of $2,550 and $3,450. CFA is a food career choice in India because becoming an investment banker requires one to have exceptional financial skills for raising money, which can be demonstrated with CFA designation. For a CPA, you only need two years of professional experience, as opposed to four years for a CFA. Exam flexibility is greater for the CPA than for the CFA, allowing candidates to complete the four portions in any sequence as opposed to the CFA levels, which have predetermined deadlines.

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