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Designated Partner

CA. Sandeep Kumar Vij

FCA, FCS, LL.B., PGPMAX, (ISB Hyderabad), Certificate courses: CCA (ICAI), Forex and
Treasury Management (ICAI), International Taxation (ICAI), International Financial
Reporting Standards (ICAI), Forensic Audit and Fraud Detection (ICAI)

Membership No. 076443(1995)

  •  He is a partner in AAAG & Co. LLP and has more than 26 years of post-qualification experience. He has also served as a CFO in Technofab Engineering Limited for more than 10 Years.
  • He has undergone training in various specialised courses from ICAI like International Financial Reporting Standards (I FRS), International Taxation, Foreign exchange and treasury management to name a few.
  • He has demonstrated ability in Audits for control functions, Internal Audits, Transaction Audits and Investigations for forensic audits, formulating business & financial strategies and is well versed with deploying tactical tools for their implementation at ground level.