Your IP address is also processed “for the purpose of downloading certain products, fraud and malware detection”. As a matter of fact, AVG Secure VPN even offers special servers that work best for streaming. While you do have access to 55 locations , the number of servers is minimal. Compared to NordVPN and its ~5000 servers, this is a very modest line-up. The dedicated apps are very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and fast, on par with ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

  • Safe is not the word I would use to describe this VPN, so I wouldn’t recommend it to privacy enthusiasts.
  • For example, you can click on a program to see if it’s got permission to start up with your computer, but there’s no way to list just those programs.
  • Another thing I didn’t like is the fact that AVG VPN keeps connection logs and stores the server’s service data for a certain period.
  • Though, there is no Multihop feature, which many other VPNs have.

If you want more reasons to not use AVG VPN, just consider that it’s quite expensive compared to other VPNs that offer far better features. Coming back to AVG Secure VPN’s apps, it informs that the VPN doesn’t offer too many functions. When you first download the VPN, you can either sign in or provide your credit card details and use it free for 60 days. I performed some speed tests while connected to AVG’s servers.

Servers and Server Locations

The customer support was responsive but it couldn’t fix my problem. Plus, it usually takes about a day to respond to each email. I managed to connect 5 devices at once, and I noticed a slight difference in speed, but nothing major.

Because of this dedicated Mac version, you can expect the AVG Secure VPN program/app to run seamlessly on a Mac. Our goal is to make the internet a safe place to be on, and for that we make sure that everyone is well-informed about every security measure needed. In that note, all that is published on our website is tried and tested, down to the last detail. Even though it’s most widely recognized for its anti-virus services, ; it opened its doors; catering towards adding privacy towards your internet surfing. Especially in the case of not coming with an in-built kill switch. Where encryption is concerned, it uses a military-grade level of 256-Bit AES, which is impeccable, adding to its perks, keeping its users’ data private and secure.


Noting what the privacy policy of a VPN provider doesn’t mention will help you learn more about it. Namely, connection timestamps could be dangerous if someone also manages to obtain your real IP address. This will allow hackers to target your ISP with phishing attacks or even break into your computer. Even though AVG VPN doesn’t log your true IP, some of its third-party tools do .

User Reviews

AVG Secure VPN is deemed as an internet privacy service put together by the team of AVG. For most of its usage, you’ll probably have to send in a support token and wait forever to get any desirable results via email. So let’s just say you’ll have to move on to looking for another VPN for smooth gaming access. The good part about AVG VPN is its user-friendly interface which seemingly allows even the most non-technical person to adjust to it; widening access for navigation or operation.

logging policy

Sadly No, AVG VPN in Australia won’t be working for you if you want it for streaming. We had a hard time unblocking US Netflix in Australia and other streaming services using AVG servers. With AVG Secure VPN Australia, you don’t get tons of customer service options. If you’re facing any issues, you can search for answers in AVG VPN’s knowledgebase and community forums.

Mobile Application

When it comes to basic Wi-Fi protection and allowing access to streaming sites like BBC iPlayer and Netflix accessibility, this VPN plan is well worth the money. You can expect to get a response to your question after an hour or two. Live chat – Unlike most websites that show the live-chat bubble on the lower side of the homepage, AVG’s live chat is kind of hidden.

  • Countries, all of which are optimized for streaming, torrenting, and gaming.
  • AVG is owned by Avast Software s.r.o., which is based in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Getting AVG Antivirus setup on your computer could hardly be easier.
  • Optimal location nice feature, as they select fastest severs.
  • A VPN’s encrypted tunnel is only half of how it protects your privacy.

However, you can use AVG VPN with Kodi and also share an AVG VPN connection on Roku if you set up a virtual VPN hotspot connection on your Windows or macOS computer. Since it’s a privacy-friendly location and has no data retention laws, it makes AVG VPN safe to use. Unfortunately, other than looking inside the app, there’s no way to get information on AVG’s servers. And the app doesn’t provide much information other than the existence of the server and its location. No latency test, no status (online/offline), and no server load information, either. In my experience, torrenting over AVG’s network was smooth and gave me good download speeds.

VPNs are powerful tools, but they don’t protect against every ill. Among the products we’ve evaluated, the average monthly cost of a VPN comes out to $9.83, while the annual cost is around $66.07. While the discounts currently applied to AVG Secure VPN bring its cost below that average, it’s a pricey product at face value, which is the price we consider in our evaluations.

When it comes to online safety, your VPN’s main job is to anonymize your browsing. It does this by encrypting your traffic, masking your real IP, and avoiding invasive logging. With these principles in mind, AVG Secure VPN gets a 6/10 for security. However, after that trial ends, it will cost anywhere from $3.99 to $4.99 a month. If AVG VPN isn’t for you, that’s okay; we’ve tested out dozens more, so you’re bound to find one option that works.

user data

With one such we were able to see content that was normally restricted, but we were blocked from actually streaming it. There’s no guarantee that a server, or even a VPN service, that works with Netflix today will work tomorrow. By default, the app will connect you to the VPN server it thinks is the best, which usually means the closest to your actual location. You change the location by clicking Change Location at the bottom of the screen. Now you’re presented with a list of the available servers. A search bar sits at the top, and geographic filters go down the side.

First, the following shows our upload and download speeds before connecting to the VPN. We conducted a speed test for this VPN using a speed test by Oakla, connecting to different servers in different locations. From the results, we can say that AVG Secure VPN is a below average VPN in terms of speed. AVG Technologies is one of the well-known security providers in the antivirus software industry. However, unlike its antivirus software, its AVG Secure VPN is lesser known as it is not as competitive as most of the best VPNs in the market. However, it made sense since both providers are owned by the same organization.

Another problem with avg vpn review is the fact its customer support team isn’t the best. There’s no chat option, zero email support, and a FAQ section that’s simple. In spite of its low price, AVG Secure VPN seems to have plenty of disadvantages that keep it from being each of our top recommendation.

AVG Internet Security Review – PCMag

AVG Internet Security Review.

Posted: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

After years working with antivirus, I’m known throughout the security industry as an expert on evaluating antivirus tools. The other area we check is boot time, since getting an army of security processes launched at startup could affect performance. Despite dismal results the last time we tested it , AVG had no measurable effect this time around.

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