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The Firm is handling Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, and Internal Audit for various Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, Partnership Firms, Proprietorship Concerns, Charitable Trusts, Societies and other Social and Business Organizations for the last 35 years. Presently, the Firm is conducting Audits for approximately following number of Organizations:-

Public Limited Companies = Eleven
Private Limited Companies = One Hundred and Thirty Three
Partnership Firms = Fifty One
Proprietorship Concerns = Thirty Five
Other Trusts, Societies, etc. = Four
International Joint venture Companies = Five


Handling Tax matters of about 650 Clients including Pvt. Ltd. Companies, Partnership Firms, Hindu Undivided Families and Individuals.

Corporate and Project Finance

  • Project financing of more than 100 Small and Medium Scale Units.
  • Working Capital and Term Loan financing of about 80 Small/Medium scale Units from Banks on regular basis.
  • Prepared more than 500 Proposals/Application for Fresh/Enhancement/Renewal of Working Capital facilities.
  • Rehabilitation and Nursing of various Units.

Corporate & Business Advisory

We have handled a whole spectrum of Corporate & Business Advisory Requirements in day-to-day Operations as well as important and typical solutions ranging from arrangement of Venture Funding and Documentations, Business take-over &Restructuring, Corporate Negotiations & Transactions, Joint Ventures, Shareholder Arrangements and Agreements, Family Settlements, Execution of Due Diligence as well as facilitating smooth Due Diligence by Third Party Agencies. Brief detail of some important / typical business advisory experience is given hereunder:

Nature of Services


Venture Fund / Equity Participation Arrangements & Consultancy

We have so far successfully handled more than 15 cases for Venture Fund / Equity Participation Arrangements & Consultancy. The services provided to clients include Preparation of Business Plan and Presentations, Negotiations on Terms & Conditions, Handling and Facilitation of Due Diligence and Documentation. The amount of Venture Funding / Equity Participation cases handles is between 2 - 30 Cores.

Shareholder Arrangements & Agreements

We have got experience of handling more than 20 such cases. The services include Understanding the Requirements, Consultancy on Legal / Financial Implications, Drafting of Documentation and Execution Plans.

Business    and Takeover Management

We have got rich experience of Handling Business & Management take-over of more than 12 companies with sizable Business Operations & Assets Levels. The service includes assisting in Finalization of Deals, Negotiations for Terms & Conditions, and Consultancy on Legal & Financial aspects with Tax Planning, Preparation of road map of Business / Management Take-over and Documentation.

Family settlement / Dispute
Resolutions /

We have successfully handled more than 20 cases of Family Settlements, Partner / Shareholder Disputes and other Business Conflicts by way of Mediations, Arbitration / Legal Documentation
and Counseling of parties.



Company Law Matters

Handling Company Law Matters of more than 80 companies regularly and providing services to many Bank Branches for Registration of Charges with ROC and conducting searches on ROC records of various perspective or existing borrowers of Bank Branches.

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